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About Me

Hi Everybody!

Hi Kinetic Coach

Pardon my Dr. Nick impression there.

Hi. I’m Jared Holloway. I am a Certified Athletic Trainer working with high school student athletes outside of Birmingham, AL. I am also an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. I am very unworthy to be married to such a spectacular woman, and I am also a father of 2, a 4-year-old daughter, and a newborn son.

I began this blog to help others achieve their fitness goals. At some point during the spring of 2010, I felt completely awful. Out of shape, pants too tight, shirts getting bigger, you know what I mean. Well, after some thought, and a late night infomercial, I decided to try P90X out to get back into shape. I mean, people on there who were larger than I was could do it, and got super results, people I knew personally had done it and made great transformations. I figured I could too. 90 days later, I was 30 lbs lighter, and 3″ thinner at my waist. Those pants, well now I need a belt to hold them on. Shirts are now too big. And I’m back in shape, but I’m not satisfied yet. I still want more.

But I also want others to feel the way I do. Obesity is running rampant in this great country of ours, and Alabama is right at the top of list. I want this blog to be used as a tool to get results and fight back obesity. If I can lose 30 lbs, anyone can. I know, cliche, but I am serious. I hope to help you on your journey to a more fit and healthy you. All it takes is to remember your high school physics class. See that you have POTENTIAL and then GET KINETIC.

Feel free to email me anytime at kineticcoach@yahoo.com and follow me on twitter @Jared_Holloway