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One More

I want to tell you a secret tip I use to accomplish my goals. Whenever I am exercising, I always repeat this phrase in my head: “One More.” It really comes in handy when you are bent over with your hands on your knees, ready to give up and move to the next thing. Do “One More” rep, “One More” jump, “One More” time to reach your goals.

I have noticed through my work as an athletic trainer, and reflecting on my own endeavors in fitness, that when we get tired, we stop WAY before we should, because we THINK we are done. We believe we cannot continue, that we have tapped out our energy for a certain exercise, when in all actuality, if we pause for just 4-5 seconds, we can gather ourselves and get “One More” rep in.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you get this mindset. Personally, my strength gains jumped very quickly. I began to increase the resistance to make it more difficult because “One More” was taking me in to rep numbers that were too high, meaning the resistance wasn’t hard enough anymore. What I could only do 5-6 times, I was now able to do 8-10 times. I found a mantra that worked with what I set out to do.

The beauty is you can apply “One More” to anything; fitness, business, relationships… Example: When you are at work doing that mundane task that is essential to your job/business and it continues to wear on you, you sit back and gather yourself, then say “One More,” and write that next line of code, convert that file, clean the next treatment table (yes, I dislike cleaning up after athletes finish a treatment on my tables).

So I want to challenge you to do “One More” thing in your day to help you move toward your goals. It is only “One More” thing, not asking you to move a mountain, just take “One More” step to getting what you want. Do it enough, and “One More” means you’ll have to push toward your next goal, because you just achieved something. Do that extra rep, talk to one more client, make one more impression on one more person. You’ll be surprised where you end up.


Keeping it Healthy for the Holidays Part III

Now time for Part III, the final installment, of my posts for Keeping it Healthy for the Holidays. In this post I will provide some tips to prevent the typical holiday weight gain.

  • This is not the time to “diet,” in fact you never should “diet,” because that assumes you are only doing a short-term change to your eating habits. We all know that the Holidays are notorious for having many dishes that aren’t considered healthy, but instead of dieting to manage your calorie intake, you should balance it with exercise or activity.
  • Aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. Those 30 minutes should get your heart rate up to at least 60% of your maximum target heart rate which is 220 minus your age.
  • When shopping, use the stair rather than the escalators to help burn calories that normally wouldn’t. (And for you Mitch Hedberg fans, if the escalator is broken down, it’s temporarily stairs, sorry for the convenience.)
  • This should be followed all the time: When looking for a parking space, don’t continue to circle around looking for a closer spot, park away from the entrance and walk.
  • Plan holiday activities that are physical such as walking through the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, caroling, or visiting neighbors.
  • Decorating the house burns calories too, so be sure to decorate both inside and out.
  • Once Christmas is over, and you begin to think of New Year’s Resolutions, make sure they are something you can accomplish, not a far-fetched idea that is harder to attain because you will become discouraged and quit more easily.
  • Don’t vow to “give up” certain foods, make it to eat “healthier” choices: 1% or Skim milk instead of whole, adding a serving of fruits and vegetables to your meal plan every day, eat a “meatless” meal once a week…
  • Finally, don’t deprive yourself completely of holiday foods you enjoy. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty while trying to enjoy the holiday season. Moderation is key to feeling happy and healthy!

Keeping it Healthy During the Holidays Part II

In Part I, I blogged about how to cook your holiday meals healthier.  Here in Part II, we’re talking about Party Planning. Here are some tips for you to follow when going to a Holiday Party in the next few weeks.

  • Eat small, healthy meals throughout the day of the party. Doing so actually decreases your hunger levels for the party, therefore you won’t want to eat as much.
  • Eat a healthy snack – fruit, yogurt, whole grain crackers – just before going to the party. This takes the edge off your hunger before you get there.
  • Limit yourself to just one trip to the food table; Prepare your plate and then move away from the food table to eat.
  • Pick a good mix of foods INCLUDING LARGER PORTIONS of raw vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grain breads and crackers. GO EASY on dips, chips, cheese, and high fat meats.
  • Take some time to determine what foods are on the food table, the pick the ones that you REALLY, REALLY want and will enjoy. Leave other foods off.
  • If you are eating at a sit down dinner, take small portions the first time around. When your host(ess) insists on seconds, your total amount will “even out.”
  • Take your time getting to the food table. Stop to greet people and get into some conversation before you eat.
  • If you do drink alcoholic beverages, alternate them between and non-calorie, non-alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages are high in calories and can cause you to eat more.
  • Have a sweets table? Try to limit yourself to ONE small serving. Fresh and dried fruit also make a good alternative.

Part III, Avoiding the typical “holiday weight gain” is coming soon!

Keeping It Healthy During the Holidays Part I

We are a week from Thanksgiving and I felt this would be an opportune time to share some ideas on making your recipes “healthier” so you won’t go through the typical holiday weight gain. So here are tips for you folks that plan to cook some items for the Thanksgiving table:

  • Choose “low-fat,” “light,” or “fat-free” versions of sour cream, cream cheese, cheese, salad dressings and mayonnaise.
  • Replace heavy cream or whipping cream with evaporated skim milk. This will decrease the fat content of the dish.
  • Use two egg whites in place of one whole egg. Again, this will lower the fat content, but with increase the protein values.
  • Dried fruit can be substituted for nuts in some recipes. Now some nuts are completely fine, like almonds, but others with higher fat content are what this point is referring to. But be sure that the dried fruit does not have added sugar to it.
  • Substitute an equal amount of unsweetened apple sauce of fat-free plain yogurt for the oil, margarine, or butter in muffins and quick breads.
  • Use low sodium, fat-free chicken broth in mashed potatoes to lower fat content.
  • When shopping for products for your recipe, be sure to look for the “trans fat free,” or “0 trans fat” varieties.
  • Stay away from ingredients that contain saturated fat or hydrogenated oils.
  • Toast chopped nuts in the oven before preparing your recipe. this will enhance the flavor and allow you to use less.

I hope this helps you make some good decisions on what you are providing on the table for your family next week. It may seem odd, and the taste will change somewhat, but you will feel good knowing you helped make some healthy choices, and your family will thank you for it.

A Note From Tony Horton, Yes, THAT Tony Horton

Boys and girls,

I’m unaware of your financial situation but I do believe that you’re reading this page because you care about your health and fitness. If you have plenty of income and love your job then what I’m about to tell you might not be for you. If you’re not thrilled with the way you make a living, would like extra income, love Beachbody products, like the way they make you look and feel, enjoy helping other people feel and look better, enjoy setting your own hours, get excited about being the captain of your own ship as opposed to working for the man – then listen up.

The reality is, your health and fitness moves beyond you. It impacts the people around you. You (whether you like it or not) have the power to change lives based solely on your own personal transformation. Inadvertently you become a catalyst for change. This is how I got started. I was clueless, asked a few questions based on my need to be strong and healthy, stayed with it and people in my life wanted to know what I was doing. Simple yet powerful.

If you want to share what you’ve learned with people in your life who want better health (and could use extra income in the process) then you should consider becoming a Team Beachbody Coach.   I felt so strongly about this program that I’ve encouraged many of my friends to become coaches, even my own sister.  She is doing great (even though my contract with Beachbody won’t let me help her).  She is a perfect example of someone who had plenty of doubt and hesitation regarding the coaching opportunity and still found a way to make it work for her. A busy working wife and mother with three very active kids doesn’t sound like a good candidate to start an in-home multi-level marketing company. Did you say multi level marketing? What? Ick! You mean pyramid scheme right? Okay chill out. All these fears would be true if BeachBody were selling hats or kitty liter, but this is Beachbody people! The number 1 in-home fitness company on the planet! P90X is steadily becoming the most popular fitness system in US history. Shakeology is the revolutionary replacement meal on the market today. We sell life-altering change – not soap. Tens of thousands of regular folk around this country are doing something they love because of this coach opportunity.

The unemployment rate still hovers around 10% but it doesn’t have to be that way if more people were willing to see that new opportunities exist all around them. The Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity is one of them. Health care companies, pharmaceutical companies and our government are not capable of solving this obesity crisis and we can’t wait around for them to do it. The crisis is now and the answer is YOU! I know that sounds a bit Rah Rah but it’s true.

Cynics don’t need to apply, but if you’re sick and tired of the status quo and want to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of those around you, then open the door.  The two major issues of our time – the health care issue and unemployment rate could be resolved if a million more people in this country decided to get healthy and share the wealth. This is a brand new industry waiting to explode. It’s not happening in boardrooms or factories – it’s happening in the homes of tens of thousands of Team Beachbody Coaches and in the homes of their customers.  With a tiny investment (actually the company is waiving the enrollment fee through the end of 2010) and a willingness to help people the sky’s the limit.



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