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Muscle Milk vs Shakeology

I tried my first carton of Muscle Milk today after my workout. It tastes better than I expected but it was not exactly delicious either. After I drank it, I was logging it in my food diary on myfitnesspal.com and noticed how many fat calories there were. I was not shocked about it, but they 70 calories from fat were much higher than I expected. So I compared it to the whey protein I use, and the numbers were similar, except for my whey powder has lower fat content, & potassium, but double the protein.

Then I thought, how does Muscle Milk compare to my daily nutritional supplement, Shakeology? So I put the labels side-by-side and found the following: Shakeology when mixed with water (like the Muscle Milk was) has 120 fewer calories, 1/7th of the fat calories, 1/3rd of the sodium, almost half the carbs, more dietary fiber, and only 1 gram of protein less than this other nutrition shake!

Not only that, Shakeology has healthier ingredients and much much more of your daily values of vitamins and minerals.

The only other difference I could find was in your wallet. The Muscle Milk pre-made cartons are around $2 apiece. Shakeology comes in a 30 day supply, and depending on how you order it, costs $3 or $4 per shake.

Sure, you look at the price and think, “I’ll go for the cheaper version.” But in order to get the same nutrition that you get from Shakeology out of Muscle Milk, you have to drink 2-3 of them! Doesn’t sound like it’s any cheaper to me.

Shakeology: The Healthiest Meal of My Day, and a much better option for post workout shake when compared to Muscle Milk.

And did I mention Shakeology tastes much better?!

See what doctors think about Shakeology: Can 100 Doctors be Wrong?

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