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One More

I want to tell you a secret tip I use to accomplish my goals. Whenever I am exercising, I always repeat this phrase in my head: “One More.” It really comes in handy when you are bent over with your hands on your knees, ready to give up and move to the next thing. Do “One More” rep, “One More” jump, “One More” time to reach your goals.

I have noticed through my work as an athletic trainer, and reflecting on my own endeavors in fitness, that when we get tired, we stop WAY before we should, because we THINK we are done. We believe we cannot continue, that we have tapped out our energy for a certain exercise, when in all actuality, if we pause for just 4-5 seconds, we can gather ourselves and get “One More” rep in.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you get this mindset. Personally, my strength gains jumped very quickly. I began to increase the resistance to make it more difficult because “One More” was taking me in to rep numbers that were too high, meaning the resistance wasn’t hard enough anymore. What I could only do 5-6 times, I was now able to do 8-10 times. I found a mantra that worked with what I set out to do.

The beauty is you can apply “One More” to anything; fitness, business, relationships… Example: When you are at work doing that mundane task that is essential to your job/business and it continues to wear on you, you sit back and gather yourself, then say “One More,” and write that next line of code, convert that file, clean the next treatment table (yes, I dislike cleaning up after athletes finish a treatment on my tables).

So I want to challenge you to do “One More” thing in your day to help you move toward your goals. It is only “One More” thing, not asking you to move a mountain, just take “One More” step to getting what you want. Do it enough, and “One More” means you’ll have to push toward your next goal, because you just achieved something. Do that extra rep, talk to one more client, make one more impression on one more person. You’ll be surprised where you end up.